Games with the Worst Odds in the Casino

If you’re gambling at a casino, chances are, you’d want to be playing games that’ll win you money. No matter how frequent you play or how lucky you are, you’ll want to stay away from the games with the worst odds. These are the games that’ll provide you with the least amount of chances to win.

Understandably, this is a topic most, if not all casinos don’t talk about. Of course, there are still games that’ll favor players instead of the house. However, keep in mind that the house always wins.

There will be games designed to be slightly skewed to players, providing better odds for players and others to the house. Here are some of the games that you should avoid if you want to stand a better chance at winning.

1 – Slots

Calculating the odds of winning used to be easy in the olden days, when slots only had 10 symbols in each of the 3 reels. Nowadays, there’s so many special features and unique combinations that calculating the odds of winning will require more than just simple math. No one can ever confidently say they can decipher slots due to its changing and random nature.

Within the many pay-lines a slot may have, players can only expect to win less than 10% from what they’ve wagered. Frequent small wins will cause players to feel as though they’re actually winning, which will become detrimental to players in the long run.

2- Keno

If you’ve played keno, you’ll probably notice that it resembles lottery. So how often do you win the lottery? The answer is clear with this one. With a 1:4 chance of winning, players will only be throwing money down the drain.

Keno has one of the worst house advantage among all the games, ranging from a 25-50% house edge for land-based casino and 5-8% house edge for online keno. Paired with the low probability of getting your numbers picked; which is 80 balls, 20 drawn each round, it’s just not worth it.

3- Craps

If you hear a loud cheer across the casino, people crowded together shouting and clapping, it’s probably the craps table. Craps can be one of the best or worst games in a casino, depending on how you play it.

With a house edge of 9.09-16.8%, adding on to the various types of bets players can choose from, it’s definitely not a game for beginners, or anyone who’s planning to win, as a matter of fact.

The game is heavily dependent on how well players can strategize by knowing when and where to place bets. So unless you don’t care much for winning, this game is probably not for you.

Of course, there are also games like poker which is highly dependent on the player’s skill level. With games like these, it would be wise to study and employ poker strategies to improve your winning chances.

All in all, players need to remember that with all the services and games provided by the casino, you’d expect them to have a bit more of a house advantage. Avoiding games with the worst odds does not mean that you’ll win with the best ones either. Playing light-heartedly is the best way to go.