Virtually anyone who’s dabbled in online poker – and, probably anyone who watches TV, notices the advertisements on London taxis, etc. etc. – is at least vaguely familiar with Party Poker and its history.

By some accounts, up to 70% of all current online poker players have an account at Party Poker and, with 50% of the market, Party Poker is by far the world’s largest online poker room. The site preserves such tremendous popularity and its well-deserved reputation through a solid commitment to overall quality and consistency.

The oft-cited traffic at Party Poker is one, but certainly not the only, worthwhile reason to give this behemoth a look. Considering the number of new online rooms opening all the time, Party Poker’s dominance in this area becomes even more impressive. The site also has a sizable selection of tables, wide betting limits, a well-designed appearance and atmosphere, consistently reliable and easy-to-use software, and the cash-outs here are excellent. Here at GamblingPlanet we’re big fans of bonuses and free money (who isn’t?!?) and Party Poker actually offers some substantial and attractive bonuses to new and loyal customers. Loose games abound and it’d be tough to find another room with smoother playability. If you’re an experienced player you may even consider trying to handle up to 4 tables at a time in this joint – it can be done!

Party Poker has made a number of improvements in terms of its security features and as a result, transactions are smooth, reliable, and handled quickly and capably. While we might like the graphics and ambiance of other less popular poker rooms slightly more than this one, Party Poker simply wins in the end because of its unparalleled table selection. As we all know, this improves your chances of finding an easy one and, ultimately, coming home with a bigger purse! If you haven’t visited this site already or are only now looking for a break from online casinos and ready to jump into the world of online poker, we recommend giving Party Poker serious consideration!