Why the House Always Wins: Explained

You may have heard of the saying ‘the house always wins’, but have you wondered why and how the house can always achieve that? There are many ways in which casinos would use to ensure players spend more money within the casino, some of which causes players to make either conscious or unconscious decisions.

House Edge

To put it simply, house edge is a form of ‘tax’ within the casino. Players may be aware of the return to player (RTP) rate, house edge is the opposite of RTP.

For instance, slots in particular have RTP rates of around 90-97%, which makes the house edge anywhere from 3-10%. House edge is not set in stone, however, as other games may have their own respective RTP rates. All the games are designed to favour the casino more than the players so there’s no way around this.

The casino isn’t trying to make players lose all their money in one sitting, but rather to make them walk out of the casino with less money than what they started with. It’s a built-in feature that casinos use to gain profit for the business.


From where the games or tables are positioned to the nitty-gritty details of curtains, carpets and colour schemes, you name it, are all methodically planned by the casino way before they started operation. To achieve this, casinos would even hire renowned designers or architects for the job. The goal is to have players feel so comfortable while they’re playing that they do not wish to leave. The absence of clocks and windows and controlled lightings reinforces the insignificance of time, so casinos look the same at both 4 am and 4 pm.

Although casino designs are slowly evolving as time goes by, the main objective and fundamentals of casino design remains unchanged. Casinos are constantly researching for more ways to improve their design so that the place feels and looks more accommodating to players.

Game Rules

All the games provided at casinos are designed so that casinos have a better chance at winning. So players can’t really win the house no matter how lucky or great they are at the games.

There is, however, one game that has the most potential in ‘defeating’ the house, which is Blackjack. Casinos know this, so they keep a close eye on Blackjack players. Card counting is one of the most popular strategies for Blackjack and despite being a legal strategy, some casinos have set up measures against card counters. Even though the strategy itself is not entirely wrong, casinos can gain the upper hand by using this method.

By the end of all this, casinos will make sure players part with some of their money before leaving the premises. Of course, there’ll also be players leaving with a significant amount of winnings, but with one player winning, more people will be losing money. By taking the players’ money, the casino will be able to secure more profits for their business in the long run.

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