Slot Secrets: Making Use of the Best Odds in Casino Slots

Slots, one of the most popular and welcomed games of all time; and if you look carefully, you will also notice that slot machines dominate almost all the casinos around the world. Sure, there will be people playing blackjack, poker or roulette at a corner, but you won’t be able to deny the fame of slots and the number of people camped by the machines, gambling their money away.

You must be wondering by now, why are so many people playing slots? How easy or difficult is it to win actual money from those seemingly intimidating machines? Well, you might have heard of people hitting the jackpot from the newspaper or some online news portal and can’t help but wonder if it’s too good to be true. Read on, uncover some of the best-kept slots secrets and decide for yourself!

Some slots pay higher

This may not come as a surprise to some but some slots actually pay higher. For this, you’ll have to pay attention to the Return to Player (RTP) rate of that particular online slot, or of the casino, if you’re playing at a land-based casino. RTP makes sure that a certain percentage of the money wagered by players are returned over a period of time. Choosing the right slot is a crucial step to potentially increasing your winnings overtime. Some casinos do present their RTP rates to players while some don’t. Understanding or learning how to calculate it however, is tricky, and requires a bit of a research and comparing with other slots or casinos for you to get the hang of it.

Slots are rigged

Another misconception most people have with slots is that the machines are rigged, and that players will never be able to hit the jackpot. Truth is, all slot machines are randomized and no one has control over them, not even the casino themselves. The slots don’t keep a history of your payouts, so regardless if you’ve hit the jackpot or lost most of your money, whatever you do after will not be influenced by your previous spins. To take advantage of this feature, being persistent may be one of the best things you can do.

Slot volatility

Slot volatility is also something that players might want to keep an eye on. It shows how often or how much players can expect to win while playing. Slots with high volatility don’t payout as often, but offers high payouts in return; while low volatility slots reward players often with small payouts. However, you should only choose slots with high volatility if you have a lot of cash on hand, as you may undergo a ‘dry spell’ where you’ll be losing everything you’ve wagered before actually winning a gigantic payout. So players should be able to gauge their ability to place bets and plan accordingly by deciding on either a slot with high or low volatility.

With that being said, keep in mind that these tips are only here as guides and recommendations. It’s important to ensure that you don’t lose yourself and play responsibly even when you’re winning. For more casino tips from experts, check out this guide to increase your winning chances in blackjack.