Achieve the Best Odds in Casino Poker with These 3 Steps

Texas Hold’Em, a form of popular Poker game, requires its specific set of strategies to win, just like any other card games. If you have played Texas Hold’Em prior to this, you’ll know that every game is different as it is dependent on the type of players present in the table.

Understanding the various strategies readily accessible within the game will greatly increase your chance of winning. No, you don’t have to be a genius in math or memorize an entire list of Poker strategies to be able to do this. Read on, and you’ll find out how you can improve your gameplay with these few steps. Let’s start off with something light, shall we?

Keep An Eye Out for Tells

Now you may be wondering, what are tells? Tells are movements or reactions players show unconsciously after receiving a hand. You could also interpret tells as the players’ body language during the game. Tells can show up in various forms, from players repetitively touching his or her face, lip-biting, to shaking legs. This will normally take a while to pick up on as different players have different tells.

Some players, however, prefer to use tells to their advantage by attempting to confuse other players with reverse tells. Make sure to pay attention to your own body language too, because if you’re trying to look for tells from other players, chances are, they’ll be observing you too.

Learning to Calculate the Odds

Knowing how to calculate odds will increase your chances in winning. First, to calculate your odds in the game, you should know the number of unknown cards associated to the outs. Outs are the cards in the deck that’ll help you complete your hand. With Texas Hold’Em, you’ll have to calculate the odds as if you’re the only player at the table as you’ll have no idea what cards your opponents have.

Say, you’re trying to complete a flush. You’re holding 2 cards in your hand and 4 cards have been dealt in both flop and turn. Subtracting the 2 and 4 cards respectively from the total 52 cards will show that you have 46 unknown cards. Split the 46 cards into two categories, showing which cards will give you a win or cause you to lose, which will amount to 37:9 (simplified to 4:1). Hence, giving players roughly a chance of 20% to win this game, which is not a very high percentage.

Rule of 4 and 2

Don’t worry if you found that confusing, as there is an easier method to approach this. The rule of 4 and 2 may not be the most accurate way to go about calculating the odds, but it does give you a close approximate.

First, you should calculate the number of outs in the deck after the flop. From the previous example, we’ll know that the answer is 9. Multiplying this number by 4 and you’ll get the percentage of the chance of getting a winning card with the next two cards, which will give you 36%. When the turn has been dealt, multiply the percentage by 2 to get the percentage of the chance that you’ll win with the river, which will give you an 18% winning chance.

Start using these methods, and you’ll find your next gameplay drastically different. While you’re here, why not check out another article on roulette odds and ways to improve your game?