3 Ways to Getting the Best Odds in Roulette

Despite having some of the worst odds in casino games, roulette remains a popular pick among casino goers. Roulette is not for everyone though, as the game does not usually pay the bet’s worth.

It depends a lot on your strategy and luck. If you genuinely enjoy the game, however, you should learn about its house edge and how you can use some of the simple strategies to keep up with the game.

Understanding Outside and Inside Bets

Roulette contains two main group of bets, namely outside and inside bets. The safer option is to bet on outside bets as they carry with them a higher chance of winning. There are five types of bet you can place on outside bets, namely columns, dozens, odd or even, red or black and high or low. Bets placed here cover a larger section of the roulette, which in turn increases your odds in winning. To compensate, the wheel rewards players with smaller payouts instead. So if you’re only playing for fun, go for outside bets for more frequent winnings.

However, if you prefer larger payouts, you may want to consider inside bets. There are eight types of inside bets which include straight, split, street, corner, six line, first four (only in European roulette), trio (or street bet) and top line (in American roulette). Inside bets provides players with a lower chance of winning, but instead offers the largest payout a roulette can ever give out.

Some would recommend beginner to go for inside bets to stand a chance in winning big payouts without spending much, but this depends entirely on how the player strategize his or her gameplay.

Martingale System

Although each spin of the roulette is at random, there are a few strategies players can utilize to stand a better chance at winning. One of it is the famous Martingale System, which is a method where players will double the amount of their bet after losing. By doubling the amount, players will expect to win at some point after betting higher and higher, catching up to the initial amount lost.

This is a method all players use at some point in their gambling experience, which can be a good starting point for beginners who are just starting out.

Guetting Roulette System

As for the more experienced players, you could try out the Guetting Roulette System. This system ensures losing streaks to have a smaller effect than when players are on a winning streak. Unlike the Martingale system, the Guetting Roulette System helps players win larger payouts by the end of their winning streaks. So instead of earning back what you’ve lost, the Guetting Roulette System gives players a substantial amount of winning by the end of the gameplay.

Roulette provides such diverse betting options that the number of strategies available to players are endless, but the two strategies mentioned will help improve your game significantly, if not, at least slightly, giving you a higher chance of winning. Keep in mind that staying on top of your game also means gambling responsibly, so remember to keep track of your loses and know when to stop.